UFO5 – a versatile tool for mentalists.

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Introducing UFO5: The Next Step in RFID Innovation!

We are excited to unveil UFO5, the latest addition to our esteemed line of RFID products. Continuing the legacy set forth by UFO1 through UFO4, which debuted back in 2003, 20 Years ago. UFO5 marks a significant advancement in RFID technology.

What sets UFO5 apart is its exceptional backward compatibility. Compatible with all chips and cards utilized in UFO1 to UFO4, it ensures a seamless transition for our valued users while maintaining the essence of our UFO tradition.

But that’s not all – UFO5 doesn’t just look back, it looks forward. It boasts exciting new integrations with apps and devices, including the Mindbuster App, SpeaQ App, Glyphs printer, and the PeekSmith 3 receiver, offering users a whole new level of functionality and versatility.

But there’s more: UFO5 is smaller and more compact than the previous versions, making it incredibly portable and convenient. With an extended reading range, it outperforms its predecessors, ensuring reliable and efficient operation in any environment. Plus, it can utilize both internal and external vibrators and antennas, providing users with customizable options to suit their needs.

Experience the future of RFID technology with UFO5 – where compatibility meets innovation, and possibilities are limitless.

– Choose between internal or external vibrator options to tailor to your personal preferences.
– Internal antenna providing a range of up to 25 cm.
– One of the key advantages of UFO5 over other RFID devices is its extended reading range and the flexibility to select from various antennas.
Three distinct external antennas available, extending the range up to 50 cm.
Extensive range of accessories including buttons, poker chips, cards, chess pieces,
and custom-made items crafted by various artisans over the years.
– Customize UFO features such as vibrator repetition, delay, scan time, and more using the intuitive SpeaQ App.
– Seamlessly integrate with the Mindbuster App, SpeaQ App, Glyphs printer, and the PeekSmith receiver
for enhanced functionality and versatility.