UFO4-Wrist a versatile tool for mentalists.

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A self contained unit to mount on the wrist. UFO4-W has an internal vibrator and antenna,

which makes it very easy to use.

UFO4-W  has an internal square antenna, range up to 24 cm(with cards).

UFO4-W uses a rechargeable battery, 7-8 hours battery time.

UFO4-W can receive and transmit messages to/from other UFO4 or UFO3.

The UFO4-W kit includes:

  • UFO4-W receiver
  • External vibrator
  • 8-button remote
  • Six chips
  • Universal USB Charger
  • miniUSB charger cable
  • Special suitcase
  • One year of guarantee

UFO4 Wrist suitcase
UFO4 wrist content
UFO4 Wrist text
UFO4 velcrostrap
UFO4 wrist velcrostrap
UFO4 wrist mount