Rainman Version 2

Introducing Rainman, a meticulously crafted micro weighing scale that defies its
compact dimensions (58 x 58 x 17 mm)
by seamlessly fitting within a standard playing card box.
Its precision extends beyond the mundane, accurately measuring not only the weight of items like
cards, coins, marbles, and sweets, but also providing the ability to gauge the quantity of cards cut.

Please be aware that the earpiece is not included.

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 Rainman Version 2

Rainman 2 now integrates with Glyphs, The Stranger, PeekSmith and ScaleSmith.
Click here to see a video with Rainman 2 and the ScaleSmith App.

Rainman 2, a cutting-edge micro weighing scale, has introduced integration capabilities with Glyphs, The Stranger, and Peeksmith. This custom-made scale is remarkably small, measuring only 58 x 58 x 17 mm, making it compact enough to fit within a playing card box. However, don’t let its size deceive you; Rainman 2 delivers exceptional accuracy and can even determine the number of cards that have been cut. It can also measure other small items, including coins, marbles, and sweets.

Imagine the astonishment of your audience as you visibly extract playing cards from the box and place them on top, only to turn around and instantly know the precise card the spectator has selected. Rainman 2 provides a seamless performance, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. The stack order can be easily set up using the SpeaQ App, specifically designed for Rainman.

Additionally, the scale can be placed within a 3D printed bowl that comes with the product. This bowl can be filled with various small items such as sweets, marbles, or coins. The choice of items used with Rainman 2 is entirely up to you, offering versatility in its application. The scale allows for quick calibration of up to three different items.

Equipped with wireless charging functionality, Rainman 2 automatically switches on when inserted into the bottom of the bowl or the special card box. The scale remains securely in place due to the presence of strong neo-magnets.

To enhance the experience, Rainman Version 2 is now compatible with the SpeaQ iPhone App, available for free download from the App Store. The App is compatible with both iPhones and iPod Touch devices. With SpeaQ, visual cues from Rainman 2 can be easily viewed on the iPhone screen or Apple Watch. For added convenience, audible cues can be enabled using a small earpiece. These audible cues conveniently correspond to the numbered items taken from the bowl or your own recorded voice indicating the card that has been cut to.

Rainman 2 introduces a new level of precision and versatility to the world of micro weighing scales, revolutionizing the way magician’s perform their tricks.


Rainman includes:

  • One bowl, black, white or clear.
  • The scale
  • Special Phoenix Cardbox
  • Wireless charger
  • USB charger
  • USB charger cable
  • Suitcase with special made inlay
  • One Year of guarantee

The bowl comes in two colors, black or white. A clear bowl is also available.
Custom designed bowls and different colours are possible.


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Black, White, Clear