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Ouija is a new effect from Labcomagic.
– The first electronic Ouija Board is original created in 2004 by Fabrice Delaure – Magikdata

The Ouija Board is beautifully made with bird eye veneer,  as used on the original Ouija Boards.
The letters and symbols are laser engraved.

When the planchette is moved around to spell a word, the letters are transmitted to the LCD Receiver.
The LCD receiver also sends the letters in real-time to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Bluetooth and the Mindbuster App.

The Ouija Board can easily be switched to Mindbuster mode. Place some sheets of paper on the top, and use it as a Mindbuster.
All writing on the paper can be seen on the LCD receiver.

Ouija has Prevision integration, which mean you can make a ‘prediction’ video that is downloaded to your iPhone.

Using a small earpiece connected via Bluetooth to an iPhone, the spelled word can be heard.

  • Rechargeable battery with 6-7 hours standby time.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Easy to use.
  • All is delivered in suitcase with special made inlay.

The Ouija includes:

  • The Ouija Board

  • A planchette

  • Magnetic keyfob

  • The LCD receiver

  • Wireless charger

  • USB charger

  • USB charger cable

  • Suitcase with special made inlay

  • One Year of guarantee


Range: 20-25 meters
Battery time:    6-7 hours.
Recharge time:   4-5 hours

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Green berol, Red berol, Rose Wood