Mindbuster Clipboard Pro

The new MindBuster Clipboard PRO is now available.

When ordering please specify:
1: Which pen
2: LCD Receiver with normal (fits in a cardcase) or big battery


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Labcomagic introduce the new Mindbuster Pro line.

The new MindBuster Clipboard Pro is now available.

  • Uses a dedicated 2.4″ LCD receiver.
  • Longer range than previous Mindbusters.
  • Real-time transmission to iPhone or iPad, through the LCD Receiver.
    Using the updated Mindbuster App Ver.3.0 with a lot of features.
  • Pre-show mode. All drawings are saved in the Mindbuster.
    Can be transmitted to the LCD receiver when you need them.
  • Uses ordinary paper, cut to 85 x 130 mm
  • The Clipboard has wireless charging.
  • Clipboard has a hidden on/off switch
  • Easy to use.
  • All is delivered in suitcase with special made inlay.

The Mindbuster Clipboard includes:

  • The Clipboard, 150 x 110 x 6 mm
  • The 2.4″ LCD Receiver, with normal battery, 89 x 63 x 18 mm, or with big battery 89 x 63 x 23 mm
  • A special pen.
  • Wireless charger
  • International USB charger.
  • USB charger cable.
  • Suitcase with special made inlay.
  • One year of guarantee.


Range: 20-30 meters
Clipboard battery time: 8-9 hours.
LCD Receiver battery time, normal: 4-5 hours
LCD Receiver battery time, big: 8-9 hours

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Black, Penol 300, Uni-ball, Green berol, Red berol, Rose Wood


Big battery, Normal battery