Mindbuster Chalkboard Pro

The new MindBuster Clipboard PRO is now available. 

When ordering please specify:
 LCD Receiver with normal (fits in a cardcase) or big battery
If you want an extra ungimmicked chalkboard choose the YES option

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Labcomagic introduce the new Mindbuster Chalkboard.

The new MindBuster Chalkboard  is now available.
The Chalkboard use a gimmicked chalk holder for writing.
It contains the electronic from the Mindbuster pens and work the same way.

  • Uses a dedicated 2.0″ LCD receiver.
  • Longer range than previous Mindbusters.
  • Real-time transmission to iPhone or iPad, through the LCD Receiver.
    Using the updated Mindbuster – Companion App Ver.4.0 with a lot of features,
  • The Chalkboard has wireless charging.
  • The Chalkboard has a hidden magnetic on/off switch
  • Easy to use.
  • All is delivered in suitcase with special made inlay.

The Mindbuster Chalkboard  includes:

  • The Chalkboard, 325 x 240 x 12 mm
  • The 2.0″ LCD Receiver, with normal battery, 70 x 53 x 13 mm, or with big battery 70 x 53 x 17 mm
  • A special gimmicked chalk holder.
  • 5 special chalk refills.
  • Wireless charger
  • International USB charger.
  • USB charger cable.
  • Suitcase with special made inlay.
  • One year of guarantee.

The Mindbuster Chalkboard Pro can be delivered with the same frame as The Motherboard.

Please note, the special chalk board holder needs special chalk inserts.
You get 5 in the kit, which lasts for at least 200 performances.
Extra refills is available here:  Chalk holder refills.


Range: 25-30 meters
Chalkboard battery time: 8-9 hours.
LCD Receiver battery time, normal: 5-6 hours
LCD Receiver battery time, big: 8-9 hours

– The first electronic Chalkboard is original created by Fabrice Delaure – Magikdata

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Big battery, Normal battery

Extra ungimmicked chalk board