Mindbuster Bluetooth Repeater

Mindbuster Bluetooth Repeater

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The Bluetooth repeater enhances the connectivity between Mindbusters and an iPhone through the Mindbuster App.
While the natural range between Mindbusters and an iPhone is approximately 10-12 meters,
the Bluetooth repeater extends this range to 25-30 meters, if used in combination with the dedicated receiver.

It’s important to mention that a single iPhone repeater can accommodate connections from up to 5 Mindbusters simultaneously.
Although these Mindbusters cannot transmit at the same time, the Mindbuster App on the iPhone
will display drawings from each device.

Both the Mindbusters and the Bluetooth repeater can concurrently connect to two iPhones, catering to scenarios
where multiple iPhone receivers are desired.

Furthermore, a single Mindbuster has the flexibility to establish connections with numerous Bluetooth repeaters,
facilitating access to information from the Mindbuster in various locations.